Interior, furniture and graphic design. 

Process of work

1. First consultation

Before we start with the design process, we will discuss your idea and expectations. We will have a look at furniture, interiors and materials which you like. The best is to meet at the place where you want to make the design for. 

2. Moodboard and concept

At second meeting we will go through the moodboards (3 options) how to interior could look like. We will choose the option which you like the most.

3. Floorplan layout

At the first phase of the design process, we will create floorplan of the interior. of either one room but also the whole house, depends on your specific needs. 

4. 3D visualization

At this step we will start with the 3D modeling of your interior and making of 3D visualisations. 

5. Technical drawing

Final step is the creation of technical drawings which consists of floorplan, views on the walls, drawings of custom made furniture, list of materials and products. 


We are designers of both private and public interiors, design and manufacture of custom made furniture and also graphic design of websites, social media and other promo materials.

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