We are focusing on sustainability and eco-design, reusing materials and upcycling old products. 


Studying doctor's dregree in Furniture Design and Technology at Mendel University in Brno.  She is teaching 3d printing and furniture and interior design at Mendel University in Brno. During her studies she had opportunities to travel and study abroad, which gave her another view at different cultures. That also brought her to the field of ecology and sustainability in furniture design which became her main theme for her research. 

Experiences abroad

Experiences abroad are great way how to improve skills of every designer. Also Alena have several experiences abroad - studying and working in Portugal, studying in Finland where was created the bench "BOW", which was exhibited at furniture fair Habitare 2016 in Helsinki and later mentioned in Wallpaper* magazine. She also went for one year to USA, teach as Visiting Scholar at Louisiana State University 3d modeling, furniture and interior design and also she practised 3D printing there. Continuing with sustainable project with use of paper pulp during internship at FH Salzburg.


Eco-design is an important approach in design and it should be one of the main approaches of every designer. Using paper or other recycled materials for new composite materials became Alena's passion. She is focusing on reusing waste materials and using old products for new ones. 

           DESIGNER                                                   COWORKING

Ing. Alena Sobotková

Interior and graphic designer

Graduate of Furniture Design at Mendel University in Brno (2017)

PhD student

Teacher of 3d printing, Furniture and Interior Design at MENDELU